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Since 1985, Great Northern Lumber has been synonymous with an unparalleled know-how.  Each stick of lumber or sheet of plywood is remanufactured in the south side Chicago plant.The Great Northern Lumber universe is represented in all aspects from industrial processing to grooved battens, from material handling to crating components, from heavy construction to concrete form.

GNL operates on three paved facilities: the North Yard is comprised of 4 acres that houses our finished products and rail siding, the South Yard rests on 3 acres that functions as storage for rough lumber, and sandwiched in between – the remanufacturing plant and shipping & receiving (3 acres).  Our remanufacturing processes include:

  • Sawmilling (Portable Wood Mizer)
  • Planer-mill
  • McDonough 54” vertical band resaw
  • 2 High Yield Gang Rip Operations (8 pulls)
  • 7 Cross-Cutting Lines
  • 2 L&M Cut-Off Sawmills with Outfeed Deck
  • Integrated Bump Ending & Auto Strapping System
  • 5 Head Weinig Moulder
  • 3 Side Planer, Moulder
  • Dog Earring Facilities
  • Pallet Stringer Notcher – Single Notcher
  • K.D.A.T. (Kiln Drying, After Treatment)
  • Certified ISPM-15 Stamping
  • Certified Heat Treated Stamping
  • Bulk Storage (Customer Material)
  • Custom Unitizing
  • Shavings/Sawdust Bins
  • Paper Wrapping Station
  • Grading Tables
  • Sorter Station
  • GNL Managed Inventory (Deferred Billing)
  • Online Ordering & Invoicing